Capacity Building Program

Tailored demand-driven training opportunities

Overall objective of this task is to strengthen the capacity of governmental agencies in the target countries to prepare and implement climate change adaptation projects

Our strategic approach will be based on the following key elements:

  • Development of sustainable partnerships with regional training institutions;
  • Link training to twinning programs;
  • Replicate the best practices through training-of-trainers program; and
  • Develop a virtual community of practice for project beneficiaries

Background: Large volumes of adaptation funds are of little value if the most vulnerable developing countries lack government staff capacity to design and assess adaptation projects, access funds and/or implement the resulting adaptation projects. Given the huge capacity challenges faced by goverment agencies and practitioners, the main challenge for ADAPT Asia-Pacific is to develop innovative capacity building initiatives that are focused and yet flexible enough to result in completed, sustainable projects that can attract internation financing. Therefore, within the context of this project's overall goals, major capacity building challenges in the region can be described as follows:

  1. Countries do not fully understand how to mainstream climate change adaptation into development planning across virtually all sectors;
  2. Few capacity building programs provide governments with the skills required to prepare and assess viable projects; and
  3. Governments remain unclear as to the ways in which they can assess international adaptation funds.