Learning objectives

This forum is a part of USAID Adapt Asia-Pacific’s broader objective to build the capacity of government officials from target countries to access climate change adaptation finance. By facilitating an in-depth exchange among target countries in Asia and the Pacific, and providing technical sessions on specific tools and good practices to strengthen country systems, this forum aims to support policymakers and technical officials improve their funding opportunities for climate change adaptation projects.

Country participants will increase their knowledge and develop a better understanding of how strengthening country systems to manage funds can improve access to climate change adaptation financing. Fund managers and bi- and multilateral participants will in turn better understand diverse conditions, unique circumstances of countries, and effective ways of providing funds based on the existing country systems. This forum will be an important platform for developing partnerships between country participants (south-south cooperation) as well as with development partners.

The forum’s learning objectives include the following:

  • Increase awareness and understanding among country participants of existing tools and good practices that can help to strengthen their country systems;
  • Learn from what other governments have done and/or are in the process of doing to strengthen country systems, across different modalities, through an interactive exchange of best practices, lessons learnt and experiences; and
  • Encourage peer learning and possible twinning partnerships among target countries, with development partners facilitating the process.

It is expected that the forum will result in the identification of priority capacity gaps and needs with respect to strengthening country systems to improve access to climate adaptation financing, from which common regional priorities can be identified. In addition, the good practices and tools to assess/improve country systems will be shared in an effort to identify effective entry points of technical assistance necessary to strengthen country systems.